Is your town ready for winter? Are you prepared for snow storms that produce icy roads and snow-covered parking lots? Do you have a winter-ready fleet prepared to clear streets and parking lots, and sand roadways? 

Winter weather is unpredictable. Allocating snow removal budgets each year is a gamble based on historical data. Some years see very little snowfall and others see record-hitting highs. This means that towns must be prepared for the worst.

Last year, Long Island fell victim to a number of late winter snowstorms after a relatively mild early season. In fact, MacArthur Airport reported 31.9 inches in March which is more than 7 times the average for the month and 8.6 inches more than the snowiest month of March on record. Between the months of December and April, Long Island saw a total of 65.9 inches compared to the usual 24.3 inches.

Is your municipality prepared to handle an especially snowy winter like this?

Rather than relying on their owned vehicles, many municipalities contract outside landscapers for snow removal in the winter. This allows them to keep up with demand, which differs from one year to another depending on the weather, and keep costs under control.

Owning or leasing vehicles is expensive, so contracting seasonal work like snow removal out to professionals who have their own equipment is a more cost-effective alternative.

This, similar to owning a fleet of vehicles, requires effective management. Adhering to town regulations, prioritizing safety, and efficiently removing snow is important. Additionally, keeping an eye on costs is a priority for keeping taxpayers within the municipality satisfied.

Fleet Management Software

With a fleet management software, a municipality can better control the process of snow removal.

Silent Passenger has an assortment of features that allow fleet managers to better monitor and manage the operational and process aspects of their fleet.

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