Manage Vehicle Maintenance with Silent Passenger

When managing a large fleet that is imperative to your business operations, it’s easy to drop the ball and have to pay extra for vehicle servicing when they become overdue for maintenance.

With Silent Passenger, there’s a more efficient way to keep track of all of your vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Automatic alerts can be sent to you: through email or text message.
  • Having the ability to monitor oil changes, inspection, registrations and other routine maintenance.

Key Benefits:

  • End unnecessary spending that could have been prevented with on time vehicle maintenance.
  • Seeing and organizing when each vehicle needs their maintenance, and with better scheduling, the lifetime of your vehicles may even extend.

Vehicle maintenance is a big chunk of your fleet’s budget. There’s a way that you can save real money and improve the overall functioning of your vehicles. Silent Passenger can provide your business with the tools to improve its efficiency with software that not only supports your business’ functioning but drive productivity.




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