As a U.S.-based fleet management provider, Vehicle Tracking Solutions is proud to offer accessible, dedicated support to each of its clients.

The VTS team works hard to configure the Silent Passenger software to meet the unique needs of each individual business. That client dedication allows Vehicle Tracking Solutions to stand out amongst the competition in the fleet management software industry.

As such, VTS is happy to see reviews of its software that highlight that differentiator. Recently, wrote a review of Silent Passenger and featured it on their website. This review highlights all of the benefits of choosing Silent Passenger as a fleet management provider and highlights client support.

Reliable Customer Support

For a fleet of any size, downtime costs money and impacts business operations, that’s why VTS works hard to offer the same level of support to all of its clients. When a business chooses to work with VTS for their fleet management support, they can be sure that they will have a dedicated client support representative who will know the ins and outs of their business. This level of support allows the Silent Passenger fleet management software to stand out amongst its competition.

The piece delves into the details of Silent Passenger’s offering and the value of choosing a US-based fleet management provider. From an overview of the company to highlighting the primary features, discussing the support team, and providing an overview of pricing, this is a comprehensive overview of Silent Passenger, powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions.





Here are a few of the highlights:


Silent Passenger Overview


“The company’s strengths lie in its strong technical support team and the software interface’s ease of use which, combined, offers painless vehicle tracking at a reasonable price”.


Dedicated Client Support


“All Vehicle Tracking Solutions clients are offered a dedicated Project Management Team, a rarity in FMS software providers. Team members from VTS will meet with each client to discuss their goals and priorities, working with them to create a roadmap for tasks like onboarding and consultative support”.


The Verdict


“Silent Passenger doesn’t have the international brand name of the FMS industry’s heaviest hitters, but it offers unbeatable support options and a strong suite of features. If your fleet is U.S.-based and you prefer the ethos and support options of a smaller company, Silent Passenger is a recommended vehicle tracking service”.


You can read the entire review here. 


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