In honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2018, VTS recently contributed a safety-focused article to MediaPlanet’s “Empowering Our Female Truck Drivers” campaign initiative.


This article has been featured both on Future of Business and Tech and in the latest print USA Today edition. The piece focuses on the issue of the shortage of truck drivers in the US and a possible solution, the improvement of fleet driver safety. Using fleet tracking and telematics technology, overall fleet safety can be improved.


“There is a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. of at least 60,000, which could triple over the next eight years. An aging workforce, high turnover, and increasing freight demand are all contributing factors. On a more humanist level, drivers are also extremely concerned with their safety and the steps organizations are taking to keep drivers safe”

By enabling safer driving, it will be easier to recruit drivers within the trucking industry.  With the help of fleet management software, fleet owners and operators can work to improve driver safety by monitoring unsafe behaviors and creating driver coaching plans that help them drive safer.

“Driver safety monitoring helps reduce risks and improve driver behavior. Through Silent Passenger, there’s easy access to driver reports that allow for identifying unsafe driving practices and zero in on specific habits for individualized training for safer driving.” Read more…


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