Press Release: VTS Enhances Its All-In-One ELD Solution to Ensure Total Compliance, Simply, and Reliably For Fleets Across The U.S.

Truck driver HOS violations are down 46% since the ELD Mandate went into effect.

“Unlike paper log books, ELDs accurately record a driver’s on-duty driving time. ELDs, combined with driver behavior scoring and training, are highly effective in helping fleets improve safety”. By limiting hours of service and improving driver safety, businesses can make the most of the hours that vehicles spend on the road. Staying compliant with the ELD mandate can increase overall productivity and efficiency across the entire fleet.

There are still fleets out there that have not implemented an ELD solution. Even those fleets that have adopted an ELD solution may not have made the right choice. Many ELD compliance solutions are not paired with the customer support and advanced capabilities that allow fleets to stay compliant and efficient.  Fleets that are not currently in compliance can expect to receive fines.

Stay Compliant With Silent Passenger

Vehicle Tracking Solutions recently enhanced its all-in-one ELD solution to ensure total compliance for fleets across the nation. To learn more about the enhancements to the software read more…



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