Data-Driven Fleet Management Software for Optimizing Your Mobile Workforce

Transform your enterprise fleet using dynamic fleet management and telematics software, connecting you to real-time data on vehicles, drivers, and customers across every touch point within your organization.
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Silent Passenger® – Fleet Intelligence That Drives Results

Silent Passenger, powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions®, is a leading multi-use fleet management and tracking platform.

In addition to all of its exclusive, innovative, telematics data insights and fleet management features, Silent Passenger is intuitive and easy-to-use…putting information-rich data at your fingertips in real-time to increase your fleet’s efficiency and maximize profits.

Best-in-Class Service and Support

Based entirely in the United States, our customer success team offers an unparalleled level of service and support. We work quickly to meet all your needs, deploying necessary solutions for you to stay ahead and achieve a rapid and measurable return on your investment.

Superior, Secure, and Scalable Fleet Software

Silent Passenger is one of the most scalable and reliable fleet management platforms in the industry. The fully secure SaaS-based solution leverages the latest in IoT and cloud computing technology, including mobile devices, workforce apps and seamless integrations with existing business applications.


Configurable for Agility and Meeting Business Goals

We work closely with each of our clients with fleets of all sizes to understand their business goals. This allows us to customize the best fleet management solution to help ensure needs are met in a constantly changing environment.

Manage a More Efficient, Productive, and Profitable Fleet

Fleet Efficiency

Gain visibility into your fleet to help reduce operating costs and maximize profits. 

Silent Passenger helps you manage and monitor your fleet to uncover costly expenses while identifying opportunities for improvement, productivity, and efficiency – ultimately, improving your bottom-line. Start benefiting today by using Silent Passenger to efficiently monitor vehicles, drivers and processes within one intuitive platform to stay informed, enhance your competitive edge and keep customer satisfaction levels high.


  • Lower fuel costs
  • Reduce overtime pay
  • Maximize profits
  • Increased mobile workforce productivity
  • Optimize dispatching and route planning
  • Improve customer service
  • Monitor unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Prevent vehicle downtime and maintenance expense

Driver Safety

Improve Driver Safety and Reduce Risks

Proactive driver safety is of vital importance for all fleet centric companies. That’s why Silent Passenger provides fleet managers with all the insights needed to help ensure drivers operate responsibly and safely behind the wheel. Silent Passenger’s simple to use, SP Driver Safety module provides real-time alerts, as well as historical data and trends through driver behavior analysis and scorecard dashboards for detailed reporting. All reports are fully configurable to meet your company’s specific needs.


  • Monitor and correct unsafe driver behaviors
  • Improve corporate image by establishing a reputation of safety and best practices. 
  • Access driver scorecards with real-time data and historical trends
  • Prevent vehicle wear and tear
  • Reinforce company safety policies
  • Get real-time safety alerts
  • Improve driver seatbelt compliance
  • Monitor speeding based on assigned parameters
  • Minimize risks and preventable accidents
  • Qualify for insurance premium reductions

Fleet Productivity

A more productive fleet simply means more jobs and more revenue

Fleet managers rely on vehicles and assets of all types to meet organizational needs. Having complete visibility into your fleet, knowing where vehicles, drivers, and assets are at any given time, and ensuring they are working at their fullest potential, is first step to a more productive fleet.

Improve operations and start using your fleet to its fullest potential – get more done and save time.


  • Reduce un-warranted overtime
  • Maximize driver, vehicle and asset utilization
  • Optimize fleet routes based on available drivers, prioritization and mileage
  • Save time with digital HOS compliance and inspections
  • Automate scheduling preventative maintenance
  • Easily schedule and route last minute jobs
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing limited access to driver location through SP Quick View®
  • Reduce paperwork and improve accuracy
  • Integrate driver, vehicle, and customer data into existing business applications

Fleet IQ – Advanced Fleet & Business Reporting

Transform fleet data into actionable insights that drive results

Bring the power of advanced analytics to your enterprise fleet using Silent Passenger’s fleet analytics platform, Fleet IQ. Fleet IQ allows you to connect, analyze, and access essential data on your fleet operations, vehicles, drivers, and customers within one intuitive platform. Plus, seamlessly push/pull key fleet management data sets to other business systems within your organization using our easy API integrations — from CRM to accounting, delivery, HR, and many other systems.

Make data-driven business decisions with robust reporting and actionable insights:


  • Fully supported API integrations and customization
  • Seamlessly integrate fleet management data across key systems
  • Receive real-time customized fleet alerts across interactive dashboards
  • Gain actionable business intelligence on your mobile workforce and operations
  • Quantify how fleet performance impacts your business and bottom line
  • Make smarter business decisions based on data trends and predictive analytics
  • Enable your fleet operations to stay “ahead of the curve”


Easily Achieve Fleet Compliance

Silent Passenger makes fleet compliance simple and easy. With day-to-day business as a top priority, SP Logbook® is key in helping meet compliance requirements while keeping drivers and operations undisrupted.

Our software transforms how driver and fleet managers stay compliant.


  • Stay compliant quickly and easily
  • Monitor and get alerts on violations
  • Streamline safety inspections and keep digital records
  • Efficiently manage Hours of Service (HOS) to meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements
  • Reduce paperwork and logs
  • Avoid heavy fines
  • Improve overall fleet safety
  • Increase administrative efficiency by reducing paperwork and logs
  • Each fleet management feature is powerful as a standalone solution to fit your needs- we will combine the power of these solutions to configure the best and most beneficial solution for your business.

Leading Fleet Management Technology

More Productivity.  More Efficiency.  More Profits.

Customized enterprise fleet management and mobile workforce solution for quantifiable results. 
Whether your business objectives are to run a more efficient fleet, reduce costs, safety and compliance, or to maximize profitability, Silent Passenger offers a full stack of features with a robust telematics and analytics engine at its core. Each fleet management feature is powerful as a standalone solution to fit your needs – we will combine the power of these solutions to configure the best solution for your business.

Vehicle Maintenance

Timely maintenance of your fleet helps you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.

Fuel Management Savings

Real-time reports for every vehicle in your fleet, gives you the essential information.

Driver Safety Management

Real-time driver monitoring and reports to maximize safety and driver training.

SP Quick View

Enable customers to instantly view your vehicle’s location in real-time.

SP Logbook (HOS)

Meet the requirements and manage Hours of Service for your drivers.

Fleet Routing

Dramatically improve efficiency and productivity throughout your entire fleet.

Driver ID

Instantly determine who is behind the wheel of any of your vehicles.

Asset Tracking

Complete visibility, control, and protection over trailers, freight, and more.

Fleet IQ

A fully customizable dashboard that provides actionable business intelligence.

Mobile Application

Stay completely in touch with your fleet no matter where you are.

SP Connect

API directly to connect Silent Passenger® to work with your other business systems.

2-Way Messaging

Send messages to drivers and equipment operators and receive replies.

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Client Success Stories

“Silent Passenger has provided us the advanced reporting needed to improve driver safety, reduce accidents, and quantify overall savings. Plus, they have reliable customer support.” – VP of Operations for Jack Williams Tire

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