Do you struggle to find a way to monitor and correct your driver’s bad behaviors?

The best way to tackle this issue is to establish a sense of positive accountability within your employees.

Positive accountability  is  defined by, “A personal choice to rise above one’s  circumstances, and  demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results.” 


Accountability is all about inspiring your employees to become personally invested in their work. Every positive result that they create for the company should feel like a success for themselves. Each employee should feel a sense of ownership over their tasks. Completing all of their assignments with the intention of helping the company succeed.


3 Essential Characteristics Of Positively Accountable Employees


  1. Personal investment 
  2. Strong communication  
  3. Transparent reporting of progress 


To create this drive within an employee, they need to be    positively rewarded and acknowledged  for their hard work and successes, no matter how small their part in the overall organization is. Your goal should be to inspire each employee to invest their time and energy into doing their job as best as they can because while you expect your employees to feel a sense of accountability to you and your organization, you should also display a level of commitment to the success of your employees as well.


All too often, organizations use the word accountability negatively. When a project isn’t finished on time or doesn’t produce the anticipated results, employees are reprimanded for lack of accountability. Then, when something goes well, they are not rewarded. Making an extra effort to let your employees know when they have done something well will aid in your efforts to foster an overall sense of accountability in your workplace.


Measure and Monitor Driver Behavior


We are here to help you create an atmosphere of positive accountability in your organization by improving the way you monitor your business’s essential resources. While you want to start with modifying your approach to training your employees in accountability, you can also add software that helps you monitor driver activities, allocation of resources, and use these insights to develop unique training plans for your entire fleet or even individual drivers. With our unique features, we can help you keep track of your driver’s behaviors, fuel usage, and overall fleet locations to help you meet your fleet management goals.


Drive Accountability With Driver Score Card

The best way to hold your employees accountable is to show them that you are monitoring their performance. With our unique Silent Passenger Driver Score Card feature, you can track and score the driving habits of each of your drivers. This insight will tell you exactly what each driver does wrong so you can develop a more efficient training plan to correct those bad behaviors. Habits like speeding and distracted driving can not only increase fuel consumption and accident risk but also ruin your corporate image. Take control of your image by training your drivers to behave appropriately on the road. Save your company the expenses that accompany wasted fuel, accidents, and damage to vehicles.


Vehicle Tracking Solution’s Silent Passenger  aims to help your fleet management process run smoothly and increase your organization’s overall profitability.


How can we help you? Call us today to speak to one of our telematics solutions professionals about improving your fleet’s efficiency.


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