Are you concerned about your drivers’ habits on the road? Do you worry that your drivers are exceeding posted speed limits, hard braking, and accelerating too quickly?

Unsafe driving behavior is the cause of accidents and unnecessary vehicle wear and tear. Training your drivers to focus on safety on the road is crucial to protecting the safety of your drivers and your company’s image.

Driver Behavior Monitoring Solution

In the transportation industry, your drivers are your business’s best advertisement. Reckless driving and unsafe maneuvers will cause other people on the road to take notice and maybe even avoid your company in the future. Driver behavior and safety training can be difficult to execute efficiently. So, what can you do?

Adopt a fleet management software that monitors driver behavior and sends you real-time alerts to let you know when your drivers are unsafe on the road. You can use SP Driver Scorecard to configure a scoring algorithm to meet the needs of your fleet. Choose to monitor and score speeding in residential zones or hard braking. Whatever your drivers’ major safety issues are, you can now keep track of them.

Using this insight, you can then create training programs to coach your drivers on safer techniques. By designing training plans that focus on the unique issues of your drivers, you can correct these dangerous behaviors to improve fleet safety faster. This training will keep your drivers safe, prevent damage to your vehicle, and protect your company image.

3 Ways Silent Passenger Monitors Driver Behavior:

  1. Unsafe driving behaviors: speeding, hard braking, fast acceleration
  2. Fuel consumption: unnecessary idling, using fuel card for personal vehicles, driving company vehicle outside of work hours
  3. Driver Identification: who is driving the vehicle? Are they authorized to use it?

All of these assets can help you target bad behavior and save money. Lowering fuel costs, expensive repairs caused by accidents or undue wear and tear, and monitoring vehicle usage to save fuel and preserve mileage. Managing a fleet is expensive, but with the right telematics solution, you can save your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.

Managing an entire fleet of drivers without the proper fleet management software can be overwhelming. Silent Passenger fleet management software from  Vehicle Tracking Solutions is configurable to your fleet to ensure that you can monitor and track any driver behaviors: safe or unsafe, to ensure that your business is protected and profitable.

Learn how a data-driven fleet safety program can benefit your business. SP Safety offers features to help you make key business decisions.

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