Looking for a fleet management system to accommodate business growth?  

Since 2008, Paraco Gas, one of the largest propane providers in the Northeast has experienced a planned period of significant growth. At the same time, the company noticed the need to integrate the power of technology with valued partners as critical in advancing the company’s position as an industry leader and trusted propane provider.  

Each stage of sustained growth required maximization of productivity and delivery efficiencies for the business’ fleet. It also required a fleet management solution that would incorporate oversight provision, tracking and reporting would enhance company objectives.  


Investing in a data-driven fleet management solution that could integrate with  existing  hardware 

When looking for a fleet management partner, Paraco was sure to seek one that could support integration and develops solutions  that would evolve as technology, regulations, and the business environment evolved.  

They were searching for a truly data-driven solution that could provide key insights into their fleet’s efficiency and performance that fueled business growth.  

Read this case study on how Silent Passenger crafted solutions that matched Paraco’s requirements  using the latest IoT technology. Silent Passenger provided the comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and communication system that they were seeking.   



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