Winter is coming and few people are in less of an enviable position than those charged with clearing the roads in inclement weather!

Having to deal with miles of road, treacherous conditions, and frustrated residents while having to stay in (or under) budget is a daunting task – one that can be easily tamed and brought under control with a call to Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

During the cold season, maintaining peak performance of a snow removal operation is essential in maximizing resident and commuter safety. VTS has provided municipalities with some key features to maximize their coverage and minimize waste during these crucial emergencies.

How VTS improves snow plow efficiency:

  • Live Monitoring of Completed Snow Routes
  • Spreader On / Off Reporting
  • Plow Use Notification
  • Route Optimization
  • Live Traffic Feed
  • Driving Behavior including speed and idling instances & times
  • Integrated add-ons to allow live monitoring with GIS maps

The Town of Babylon began using Silent Passenger by Vehicle Tracking Solutions with great success. John R. Cifelli, Town of Babylon Director of Operations recounts:

“Prior to having this program, we were unable to monitor “idle time”. As we are now able to do so, fuel consumption for the fleet has decreased considerably. Speed monitoring has been important in assuring vehicles are being operated in a safe manner. During winter snow plowing, precise tracking gives us accurate real time work to ensure all roads within the town are properly cleared. With the system also having the capability to record mileage as well as time usage, maintenance records are better detailed. We have been very happy with the services of Vehicle Tracking Solutions and highly recommend anyone who is looking to monitor their fleet, no matter its size, to seriously look at Silent Passenger.”

Easy Monitoring of Outside Snow Plow Contractors

If you utilize third party contractors to assist in clearing your roads. VTS has the perfect solution! We have designed a portable tracking device to monitor the progress of contracted snow plow vehicles for municipalities. The portable devices hold the contractors accountable, allowing the Municipalities to gauge route progress and be sure they did in fact plow for the number of hours they reported on their time sheets. These devices are available from Vehicle Tracking Solutions as a seasonal rental and may be returned to VTS at the end of the usage period needed.




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