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[Infographic] Uncover Fleet Fuel Savings of over 20%

Fuel Consumption Knowledge is Power Gain insight into driving a more fuel-efficient fleet operation and maximize savings by over 20% per year. Did you know that fuel is the second highest expense for fleets? Without proper fuel management tools and strategies in...

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NYC Toll Price Increase Calls for Toll Management Solution

Toll prices are increasing in NYC, is your business prepared to manage expenses? On April 1st, a plan was approved to implement congestion pricing as early as 2021, as well as increase tolls for tunnels and bridges around NYC. This plan was proposed by Governor Andrew...

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Fleet Safety: Psychology of Gamification

Technology is advancing rapidly in the telematics industry. The industry growth is changing the conversation about fleet management, especially fleet safety. Now, fleet safety is about more than monitoring driver behavior. New technology builds upon that to further...

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Establishing a Proactive Fleet Safety Program

Is dangerous driving negatively impacting your business’ bottom line?  How many accidents are your drivers involved in each year? Do you know exactly how much each of those accidents cost your business? The truth is, many accidents are preventable. Between distracted...

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Data-Driven Decisions with Fleet Intelligence

Did you know that the telematics industry is projected to grow by 53% in the next three years?* Almost 90% of fleets across the U.S. have a telematics fleet tracking software solution, but as technology advances, some solutions are falling behind. Telematics software...

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