Geofencing is a tool that is often offered in fleet management software.


On a map, an area is drawn, and any vehicle that enters or leaves the selected area. Geofencing can be used to help monitor your business in many ways.

Key Features:

  • Can be adjusted to fit a specific shape of an area
  • Often displays the time of any occurrence where a vehicle enters, exits or drives within the selected geofence

Key Benefits:

  • Can act in place of a time card: you’ll always know when your fleet of drivers arrives and leaves a job site
  • Prevent theft of assets and vehicles by receiving alerts when an asset leaves a geofenced area
  • Detect ETA, arrivals and departures when vehicles go through a geofenced area
  • Makes sure that your drivers are where they need to be- if they’re in a restricted area, you’ll know

Geofencing is just one of the exciting benefits of fleet management software. No matter where your fleet is, you’ll have the power to make real changes that will help drive efficiency.



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