Governments of all sizes want to be as efficient and productive as possible while reducing costs. At the end of the day, you want to make your taxpayers happy, and if that means being more aware of spending, you’ll see better returns.

We have experience saving municipalities money. Woodbridge Township in New Jersey has been saving $4 million a year because of our fleet management solution. Here’s how they did it:

Increasing Productivity

With Silent Passenger®, our fleet management software, Woodbridge Township is able to manage both their vehicles and drivers on an organized web-based interface. SP Connect, a Silent Passenger feature, manages their drivers by displaying the current status and location of a vehicle, compares GPS fleet tracking data to their drivers’ scheduled jobs, and integrates mileage and hours of service data into vehicle maintenance software, all on our dispatch software. By monitoring routine maintenance on SP Vehicle Maintenance, operational costs have decreased, thanks to the access to our powerful data.

Decreasing Fuel Consumption

With every vehicle tracked, we installed key fobs to help reduce the unauthorized use of municipal vehicles. When they installed our GPS tracking devices and began using Silent Passenger, the township realized that there was a lot of unnecessary fuel spending. With SP Fuel Savings, the mileage and fuel consumption of their fleet was recorded and they reduced the fleet’s overall fuel consumption by 20%.

Maximize Fleet Visibility

SP Workforce Analysis gave the municipality a break down their drivers’ stop reports, start and end to the day, and how many hours their vehicles were idling. The township felt that understanding their drivers’ behaviors on the road might lead to an increase in productivity, and with SP Safety, they were able to monitor both the speed and driver behavior of their drivers, recognizing the need to manage the drivers on a deeper level.

With an easy-to-use fleet management solution like Silent Passenger, who wouldn’t want to save $4 million just like Woodbridge Township?

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