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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

1. How do I change my password?
On Silent Passenger login page, click “forgot password”. You will receive instructions via email to reset your password.
2. Is there a manual available?
Yes, Silent Passenger has a manual available right in their platform. Select Help > SP User Manual. Your options will be listed to the left.
3. What internet browsers support Silent Passenger?
Although, Internet Explorer and Firefox support our software, for optimal performance we recommend Google Chrome.
4. How do I receive my e-mail verification confirmation?
You will receive it via e-mail. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder. If you still have not received it, the Administrator can login into Silent Passenger and select Settings > User Administrator > Select the red circle to re-send the e-mail verification confirmation.
5. Can I access the platform on my iPad or Android tablet?
Yes, the Silent Passenger will be accessible to you at www.SilentPassenger.com regardless of your location, computer, or mobile device.
6. How often does Silent Passenger update?
The Silent Passenger map refreshes every minute. Updates will become more frequent based on the direction and speed of the vehicle.
7. How do I locate my vehicle?
You can easily find a specific vehicle without having to search the map for it. The Quick Zoom tab is always located on the left side of the Map View screen. Select the vehicle you would like to view from the Quick Zoom tab on the left side of the map > Hover your cursor over the vehicle you would like to find, and your map will zoom into street-level view around that vehicle > The Quick Zoom feature shows a vehicle’s location, stop time and speed.
8. How do I dispatch an address to my driver?
Select the address you are looking for and then click Find – a blue pin will be displayed on the location > A simple mouse-over the Address Found pin will show you the 4 closest vehicles to the location and a live ETA for each vehicle. If integrated with our tracking technology, a Garmin device can send a driver an address for quick and easy dispatching.
9. Can I create driving directions?
Yes, Silent Passenger platform gives you the ability to create routes and directions for your fleet of vehicles. Select Driving Directions from the Map View drop-down menu. Enter the Start and End addresses and Silent Passenger® will give you printable turn-by-turn directions, as well as a plotted route on a map.
10. How many users can we have?
Silent Passenger allows you to have infinite number of users. Each user can be assigned specific role. For example, you can have an account administrator or a standard user with limited access. You can manage your user accounts by navigating to User Administration > Select assigned users.
11. How can I create a new user in Silent Passenger?
On Silent Passenger login page, click “forgot password”. You will receive instructions via email to reset your password.
12. How do you create a new driver in Silent Passenger?
To create a new user, go to Settings > Driver Administrator > Add Driver (top right).
13. What alerts are available?
Silent Passenger offers a wide variety of alerts. Designated users can set up text alerts to notify you of after-hours movement, speed, idling, or when vehicles enter or leave any landmarked location, such as town lots or work sites. Alerts can be sent to any cell phone, email, or web pop-up. To create an alert, select the vehicles you would like to receive an alert for, as well as the dates and times when you would like to monitor vehicles. Alerts can be customized by day and on the hours, that are specific to your needs.
14. How do I check the status of my fleet?
Fleet Status allows you to view your vehicles’ location, speed, heading, status, and stop time in a list format. You can organize your vehicles by name, driver, last location, speed, heading, or status by clicking on the column header. Vehicles displayed with green text indicate that the ignition of the vehicle is on. Red text indicates that the ignition of a vehicle is off.
15. Can I schedule service jobs?
Yes, in Vehicle Service under Tools, select Schedule Service Jobs from the menu on the left side of your screen > Choose which vehicles to schedule, the type of service, date, mileage or operation hours to schedule the service by > You can also create an alert for the service job by selecting the email address to send the alert to and how far in advance to send it > You can choose to set a job as recurring by checking the Recurring box and selecting how often the job should repeat > Click Save.
16. Can I create a Geofence?
Yes, Silent Passenger gives you the ability to add a new Geofence. Select Tools > Create Geofence > Fill in the Name and Category before choosing a transparent color of your geofence > Choose a center address on the map for a circular or rectangular geofence > To customize your shape, choose Polygon and then click on the map to adjust the points of your shape > Click Save
17. Can I import multiple landmarks?
Yes, Silent Passenger provides an excel template under “Landmarks” that the user will fill out. The user will then e-mail it to our support staff and they will upload it to your platform.
18. Where are the devices located in the vehicle?
Our hardwire devices and OBD devices typically plug into the dashboard depending on the vehicle.
19. How do I send a route to a driver?

Garmin Routing allows dispatchers to easily gather all the stops for the next day’s work. Dispatchers can easily assign and send stops to each vehicle through the Garmin device once the vehicle is turned on. To do so, go to Manage Landmarks under Tools > Select all the stops for the next day > Add to Garmin Routing. Inside Garmin Routing, you will choose your driver from the drop-down folder Technicians under Vehicles. On the bottom left of the screen Create New Route > Choose the day of the route and their starting point. Start by selecting all your stops, from either the map or from the list below. Once completed, go to Details to finalize the route.

You have the optimize feature which allows you to order the stops in the best logical order, but don’t worry, you can still reorder them. After the order of your stops are completed, you can print out the manifest for the driver and send the route over. As soon as the driver turns the key on in the morning, the stops will load on the Garmin screen.

20. What reports are available?
Silent Passenger offers a comprehensive set of reports to suit your business needs. With advanced reporting, you can receive On-demand Web Reporting, Route Playback, Scheduled E-mail Reports and Reporting Logs. Select Reports at the top of the page to generate which report you want. Reports can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF.
21. Can I run a report by a driver?
Yes, Silent Passenger gives you the ability to run a report by driver and vehicle.
22. How do I determine if my company is benefiting from Silent Passenger?
To help determine your return on investment, Silent Passenger offers a useful ROI Calculator tool. This ROI tool will help you with your budget and determine which solutions are best for your business.
23. How do I fix my Garmin if it is not receiving alerts or messages?
Verify the Garmin is connected >Turn off the vehicle wait 30 seconds for the Garmin the fully power down > Turn the ignition on and then power on the Garmin.
24. What are the system requirements for Silent Passenger?
Windows Vista 7,8 or later. Mac OS X 10.5 or later. .NET 2.0 (already installed with Vista). 40 GB hard disk that has 15 GB space free. 1 GB of Ram. iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) 6.0 or later. Android 4.0 or later.
25. Where can I get information about new features and updates in the latest version of Silent Passenger?
When logged into Silent Passenger.com, you can view the Enhancement Log in the Help Menu.

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