The numbers don’t lie- according to a study conducted by the General Services Administration (GSA), most of the federal government’s fleet spending went toward vehicle maintenance and fuel. About $1.3 billion was spent on vehicle maintenance and $775 million was spent on fuel in the year 2015 alone! Your municipality might not be quite as large as the federal government and might not spend as much money, but the spending habits are similar: tax payer money is funneled into these two large spending areas. There’s a way to reduce spending and save money where it matters.

The federal government spent 30% of their budget on vehicle maintenance and 18% on fuel. 48%- almost half of their budget-has the potential to be reduced with better management. While the federal government might not be taking advantage of a fleet management solution, your municipality can, and here’s how:

Vehicle Maintenance

You can easily monitor oil changes inspections, registration and other routine maintenance with the right solution for your company. Timely maintenance can prevent unwanted maintenance down the road, saving your municipality time and encouraging efficiency within your fleet.


Real-time reports on each vehicle in your fleet can provide your municipality with information that can reduce costs. With information on miles per gallon and overall fuel consumption wherever you go, fleet management has become a whole lot easier.

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Vehicle Tracking Solutions’ Silent Passenger software can save you a substantial amount of money on vehicle maintenance and fuel for your municipality. We save the Woodbridge Township of New Jersey $4 million every year with our fleet management software. With VTS, you will get a solution that can save your municipality in the long run while increasing efficiency and productivity within your fleet.



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