In less than two weeks — on December 16 — fleets relying on out-of-date AOBRDs need to implement a fully compliant solution to stave off driver citations, fines, and other violations.
This rule aims to prevent what FMCSA estimates to be 1,844 accidents, 562 injuries, and 26 deaths per year.

Are you ready?

If are you one of the estimated 40% of respondents in the 2019 Freight Waves and Carrier Loads survey who expected to make a switch in 2019’s final quarter, the pressure is on to select an ELD vendor, put a solution in place, and get employees trained on a new system.

The one advantage late adopters have is the opportunity to implement an ELD solution that puts their fleet’s safety ahead of the game. Luckily today’s advanced technology improves the hours of service (HOS) process and offers organizations the ability to connect operational data in a single platform solution. So, while looming deadlines add short-term pain, adopting a resolution with long-term benefits is just smart business.

Even if you have already invested in an ELD solution that isn’t giving you what you need, it’s not too late to change providers. Our customer, Coastal Charter, switched after eight months since their start-up solution gave them buyer’s remorse. The change back was promoted by the need for relevant industry and regulatory knowledge to ensure vehicle serviceability.

Choosing an integrated fleet management technology is ideal to not only future proof safety but add in the ability to benchmark business decisions with insightful data to speed processing, keep drivers accountable, and customers happy for the long term. Read our ELD guide to learn how. A robust, single solution reduces system complexity to improve operational efficiency with a business intelligence mindset that together increases both productivity and profits.

The sooner the right technology is implemented, the more time your drivers will have to get used to the new process. Our team of ELD Compliance Specialists is here and ready to keep fleet safety a top priority. Contact us today.


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