Driver accountability is a huge issue for many businesses with fleets.

You can’t sit in the passenger seat of all your vehicles every day, so how do you know if your drivers are acting responsibly? From using company vehicles after hours, to taking extra-long lunch breaks, and even using fuel cards for their own personal vehicles, there are a lot of expensive elements to worry about losing.

Fleet Safety Facts

The average total operating cost of a single vehicle per year can range from $5,000-$8,000. And that is not including extra fuel wasted when a driver speeds or keeps the vehicle idling during a break, or the extra mileage traveled using the vehicle after work. Seemingly inconsequential behaviors such as leaving the truck idling in the winter to stay warm or driving the vehicle instead of a personal car after work can add up over time. Managing these behaviors can be difficult when you cannot see them happening.

Did you know that when your driver travels at just 5 mph over the speed limit, fuel consumption increases nearly 10%?

Or that leaving a vehicle idling during lunch or a rest break for only 1 hour burns 1 gallon of fuel?


Now you may read this and say to yourself: ‘I hired my drivers and I trust them to do the right thing,’ or maybe you have been worrying that your drivers are not honest with you. Either way, you should look at where your time and money could be going. Of course, you want to trust the drivers that you hired, but you also know that people have a natural tendency to deviate from a plan when they believe no one is watching. Fleet management software can help you keep track of your drivers, vehicles, and other assets to ensure that your drivers are not wasting your time or money. But is monitoring your vehicles enough?


Whether you have an existing fleet management software and you are looking for something better, or you are exploring telematics options for the first time, you should keep in mind that the best solution for your business is the one that combines an excellent software with strong company culture. That culture starts with your leadership strategy.


Maybe your employees aren’t intentionally taking advantage of longer rest breaks or driving longer routes which waste time, fuel and adds mileage to your vehicles. As remote, independent workers, it’s easy for them to lose sight of the bigger picture: your company’s success. It’s necessary to establish a connection between your employees and your company’s goals. This connection requires better engagement, monitoring, and maybe even training. But that’s easier said than done.


Silent Passenger Driver Behavior Monitoring

With a fleet management software, you can track the locations of your vehicles, monitor driver behavior, and even track fuel usage. The options are endless with with Vehicle Tracking Solution’s Silent Passenger. You can mix and match features to meet your fleet’s needs.




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