Accidents do happen: with your fleet on the road almost every day, there will come a time when vehicles will need to make a pit stop at a mechanic.

Top Ten Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Needs:

  1. Oil and oil filter change
  2. Wiper blades replacement
  3. Air filter replacement
  4. Maintenance scheduling
  5. New tires
  6. Battery replacement
  7. Brake work
  8. Antifreeze
  9. Engine tune-up
  10. Wheel alignment and balance

Over time, vehicles need maintenance to ensure that your drivers are safe on the road with a reliable vehicle. Preventative maintenance action can save your business thousands of dollars, and potentially reduce the number of repairs.

Thinking about making a change to your fleet’s operations? There’s one way to drastically reduce the total cost of vehicle maintenance for your fleet: fleet management and operations software. With comprehensive software like Silent Passenger®, preventative vehicle maintenance can lower costs and help target less efficient vehicles in your fleet. With holistic data and a breakdown of the performance of your entire fleet right at your fingertips, your fleet’s operations will become easier to manage.

Never want to worry about the health of your fleet? With fleet maintenance management software, your operators will have the ability to prolong the life and efficiency of your fleet.



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